Interesting Morning

Well, it certainly was an interesting morning. We woke up before six because our dog Miles was having a seizure. He had one on our way home from the beach in August, but we thought that was brought on by heat stroke – no chance of that last night. It was scary – he was whimpering, couldn’t get up (his back legs weren’t working) and we were having a hard time calming him down.

And then it happened. I was sitting there stroking his head when suddenly my body went numb. Well, not numb – more of like a full head-to-toe head rush, with my entire body buzzing uncontrollably, and I was unable to move my hands or legs. Shari asked me to help with Miles, and suddenly all I could say was, “I don’t feel well… I, I, I, I, I…” I couldn’t finish the sentence – my whole head was buzzing, I was having trouble focusing my eyes, and I literally couldn’t speak. My mouth was full of marbles and my brain was too focused on the the “wah-wah-wah” sound that it couldn’t make the rest of my body do anything.

Shari panicked – she had a dog having a seizure and a husband that appeared to be following suit. For my part, I could hear her talking but I literally couldn’t respond. I tried – my mouth opened and I couldn’t form words. Eventually, I was able to say “I think I need a hospital” and “I can’t move”. She tried to get me to move my hands, and I could only barely lift them. I couldn’t get up – the best I could do was slump over onto the floor. My breathing was erratic, and I suddenly had broken out in a huge sweat. She ran to get the phone.

Meanwhile, Miles had recovered somewhat and was out in the yard but he started shaking again. I was finally able to get my feet under me and walk, although I was very wobbly and my hands were buzzing terribly – like I had been holding a weed whacker for hours and hours. I came outside where Shari said he was having another seizure – or maybe a continuation of the previous one. I went back inside and sat down and she came back in. Miles seemed better, and we called the ambulance for me.

In the end, everything checked out – my blood pressure was a little low (but it always is), and I was a bit shaky, but I have to wonder how much of that had to do with the incident rather than any real side effect. We’re all pretty shaken up, and I’m really, really tired but it seems that the worst is over – whatever it was. We decided to not go to the hospital, but I will be making a doctor’s appointment. Now, we’re wondering if it might have been a combination of being half-awake dealing with Miles’ situation and maybe a panic attack, although I have never had a panic attack or anything even remotely like what I experienced. Hopefully, it’s nothing – just a one-time thing that came out of nowhere, scared the hell out of me and now is gone. Because it’s not something that I ever want to experience again.


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  • God, what a scary experience. I’m glad you’re OK. Definitely follow through with the doctor’s appointment. And I hope the doggie is OK too.

  • Thanks – got the blood tests done, but of course the MRI has to wait until they can fit me in. Sure hope it wasn’t an aneurysm. 😉 That’s scheduled for Monday, so hopefully I’ll know if I’m broken by mid-next week. The doctor’s thought is that the suddenness of my getting out of bed didn’t completely wake me up and that I had narcolepsy-related catalepsy. The buzzing could have been apnea- or hyperventilation related to that, although I don’t think I was doing either. Again, the MRI should tell more – or not. We’ll see.

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