Apr 16 2009

A bit of creativity

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get creative about anything, but we recently had a contest at work to replace the boring “Day of Move” nameplates we had at our desks. I know it isn’t the Mona Lisa, but it was fun to think about how to represent myself. Continue reading

Sep 10 2008

CSS3 Attribute Selectors Query

The other day I was working on an internal UX Guidelines website and instituting one of the very things that I was advocating when I ran into a problem. Essentially, I was implementing the code to create a file type icon at the end of links so that all PDFs would show a PDF icon, all SWFs would have a Flash icon and all external links would have an external link icon, using the CSS3 attribute selectors. Continue reading

Aug 28 2008

The next level of browser?

The other day, I saw something that Mozilla had come up with – Mozilla Ubiquity. In the shortest sense, it’s a way to create quick internet mash-ups from your browser without having to go to a bunch of different webpages to do it. If you’ve ever used the ENSO Launcher interface, it’s a similar method but browser-based.

You can learn more from the video below, but basically if you’re on a web page, you can select text and then use CTRL+Spacebar to activate a command structure to analyze/manipulate the data you selected. Type “map” and it will map the selected address in Google maps. Select a term or phrase and type “wiki” to get a wikipedia entry, or “ask-search“/”google“/”msn-search” to search on that particular engine. Type “flickr” to search the term on Flickr. Even better, it starts to predict what you want to do.

But it does more than that – you can also run commands such as calculator (“calculate“), switch tabs (“tab“), create a TinyURL (“tinyurl“) and more. Check out the video below, and then go download the prototype. Unless you have IE, that is. Then you can just suck it. Continue reading