Dec 19 2010

Barnegat & Forsythe – Nov. 2010

Right before my ‘incident‘, I was able to take some vacation time and head to two of my favorite winter birding spots: Barnegat Inlet and Forsythe NWR.  I was hoping to see the common winter ducks that come to both places, and while it wasn’t excessively birdy in either spot, it was fun to get out.  I needed a vacation (oh, if I had only known) and hadn’t been birding in all too long. Continue reading

Dec 10 2008

Birthday :: Birding

One of the ways I treated myself this weekend was to take three wife and my new Nikon D300 out for a birding trip. Sure, it was cold but I was seriously jonesing to get out anyway and the new camera was just more incentive. Continue reading