Hair of the Dog

Real Fact*: The average golden retriever can give off 170 cubic feet of hair in a single week.

It was a less productive weekend than it was supposed to be, and I blame the miserable weather. It really rained all of Saturday, and today was a windstorm that prevented me from doing most of the stuff that I wanted to outside. I did, however, spend a good amount of time picking up, sweeping, scooping and vacuuming dog hair out of every corner of our house. I swear that they are dropping a pound of hair every time they move.

On a lighter note, I did get some good stuff done that I had been putting off. Now that we have our finances more organized, I was able to get some computer hardware that I needed – a new Seagate 1TB internal hard drive, and a new scanner to scan images from my grandfather’s collection. I can’t wait to play with them.

Phillies: a month later

Superstar! I also finally went through my pictures from the Phillies World Series Championship parade. You can check out the whole set here (or click on the image to go to the set). It was fun going back through the pictures, although I’m still a little bummed that a) I was shooting through glass when I had my D200 and b) that my D200 ran out of battery just before the Phillies went by (hence the iPhone shots). Oh well.

* = there is no scientific proof this fact is true.


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