May 21 2012


This place looks good

Every spring we put out a number of bird houses and hope for a multitude of nests. You can always count on at least 1 House Sparrow nest plus at least one other random species. In the past we’ve had blue jays, cardinals (twice), Carolina wrens, house wrens, chickadees (twice) and robins. Plus we’ve had a number of other chicks who have come into our yard from nests elsewhere. Continue reading

Jan 1 2009

2008 Birding

Well, it was definitely a slower year of birding this year than last. My job took up a LOT more time, and mother nature stepped in with a long string of bleary weekends during fall migration to limit my time even further. Continue reading

Jul 15 2008

Big Day at Cape May

Familiar enough Last year my wife and I spent a long weekend at Cape May to celebrate our 5th anniversary; this year, we couldn’t do awhile weekend but we wanted to continue the tradition. I wanted to get really early so that we could be there at sunrise; Shari wanted to get up just before sunrise and make it down there early-is in the morning. We compromised and did what she wanted. Continue reading