Things Can Be Too Good To Be True

It seems that things can be too good to be true, and such was the case for our rental for the week. I mentioned yesterday that it was a bit small, and while that was not such a huge deal, some other … characteristics were a bit more off-putting. There was:

  • a lack of kitchenware that made it hard to cook meals
  • the coffee maker that spit coffe
  • the bed that had a Shenandoah-like valley in the middle
  • the general uncleanliness of the place
  • the hose with no nozzle
  • the fenced in yard where the fence was only a foot tall in one place and where the gate fell of in the middle of the night.

But the big problems were to come.

It actually started to be a good day. We got some breakfast and went to the supermarket to buy some supplies and a replacement coffee maker. Then we went to Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge for some birding and a jaunt into town for some lunch and some window shopping on the mall. We took the dogs for a hike on the beach and had a nice dinner.

Then we started to see about finding someplace else to sleep – the hole in the middle of the master bed was so uncomfortable we were willing to try other options. The bunk beds in the second bedroom were out, because the mattresses were placed directly on wooden slats, and we sunk in between them. So we decided to see if the couch was a pullout. It was … but opening it was the WRONG thing to do.

To call it disgusting would be generous. It was obviously used and closed up without cleaning it. And the slipcover the put on the couch was put on upside down to hide all of the unidentifiable stains on it. There was even a big, crushed spider to add some accent. We were so grossed out that we actually pulled the slipcover off, grabbed the sheets and comforter from the main bed and started looking for laundromat. At 10 o’clock. On a Sunday night.

So we spent an hour driving around to local coin-op laundry places trying to find one that was open, without any luck. So we had to go back, skeeved out by what we had found. Needless to say, the cavernous bed was preferable to our alternatives, but we bee-lined our way to the laundromat the next morning.

We can laugh about it now (mostly), but it really dampened our view of the place.


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