What I Did On My Summer Vacation

After a long year and lots of hard work, Shari needed a vacation and I loved the idea of a week at the beach. She did the research, since it can be tough to find a dog-friendly place at the shore, and secured a small bungalow down in Cape May for a week.

When Friday came, we were nowhere ready to leave, but a forecast of downpours courtesy of Tropical Storm Danny gave us the chance to say we’ll get there when we get there. That, in turn, made the prep much more enjoyable. We left later than we wanted to, but still made record time (1.5 hours Haddonfield to Cape May). It was time for vacation to start.

The house was very small (5 rooms, including two bedrooms), but quaint. However, it did gave a few ‘quirks’: limited dishware, a half-assed cleaning and almost no furniture. A breakfast nook table, a sofa and a small table for the cable router was it. Other than the beds, there was NOTHING in the bedrooms.

Okay, so it was small – we could live with small, especially on the beach. And especially when we got the sunset we were treated to.


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