Olympics the 29th

I have to say that the Olympics were a lot of fun to watch this time around, particularly with my family around during our ‘vacation’ (more on that later). The opening ceremonies will be difficult – if not impossible – to beat, although the closing ceremonies were far less impressive (Does Jimmy Page look about a half-step from death, or was it just me?).

But it was a very impressive Olympics overall — sure NBC focused almost exclusively on the U.S., when there were other great events going on, but I guess that’s to be expected. I had a little bit of Michael Phelps overkill, but there was no denying that his races were exciting and spectacles of human athletic achievement.

The judging in the gymnastics was … difficult to understand (yes, Shari got me to watch a lot of the women’s gymnastics events), but it was still breath-taking to see what they could do. And I watched a lot of volleyball and a smattering of other events when I could. I winced when the relays dropped the baton, sat wide-mouthed at the speed of other runners, and cheered when the men’s volleyball team overcame the tragedy of the murder of their coach’s mother-in-law to win gold.

It was the best of times and it will be well remembered.


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