A Non-Birding Weekend

After the “Vacation From Hell” we had last week, I was really looking forward to having some time to get out and relax — God knows what we both needed it. But Blair had to go back to school, and there were a TON of things that needed to get done around the house. So, instead, I became domesticated — which actually worked out since I got a lot done around the place that has been hanging out there for a while. I painted the front door, patched and painted the back door, fixed the shelf in the garage, replaced the front spotlight, mowed the lawn, did some errands around town and worked for a few hours. Yeah, it wasn’t a weekend watching the beginning of fall migration, but it was really satisfying to get all of these little things done and see the house get that little bit nicer.

Hopefully, THIS weekend – with 3 days – will provide at least one day of respite among the 1,000,001 other things that really should get done around here. I know that the dogs would appreciate it.  At least they had a good time down in NC…

Happiness is a Warm Beach


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  • Oakley looks totally content in that shot. we still need to get some photography/doggie swimming time in soon.

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