Possibly seeing history (which doesn’t involve an indictment)?

My boss and I are heading to the Phils game tonight, and I’m hoping we get to see Ken Griffey Jr. make history with his 600th HR (albeit in a 9-1 Phils win, perhaps). This opportunity to see a little history made me think about how – despite all of the games of various sports that I have been to – I have never seen a truly historic event occur at a sports game I attended. I mean, seeing the Monkees after a Temple-Florida A&M game football doesn’t count, right?

I had tickets to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals in which the Colorado Avalanche won their first Cup (they swept in 4). I would have had tickets to the Super Bowl where the Cowboys would have won their then-record 5th Super Bowl victory (Super Bowl XXXI) … if they hadn’t lost to Carolina in the NFC semi-finals (which they should NOT have done). So, I’ve been close but never right there.

But this might be my chance. A hitter’s park. A pitcher (Kyle Kendrick) who gives up gopher balls, and against whom Griffey is 4-for-5. Granted, I won’t be anywhere near the home run area, but just seeing it and being there might be pretty cool. As long as the Phillies win, that is.

UPDATE: Well, Griffey didn’t even play, let alone get a hit so my streak continues. On the plus side, the Phils won with a volley of home runs.


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