Finally, a good softball game

Well, we played our 4th softball game of the year (my third), and I finally had a satisfying game.  I haven’t been playing badly, just not connecting with the ball or making the plays that I thought I could/should be making.  The box score:

Hitting:  4-4, 1 double, 3 runs  (3AB had no one on base when I came up – so no rbi)
Fielding: 6 chances, 5 putouts

So far for the year, I’m 7-10, 1 double, 4 runs and 1 rbi.  Batting .700 isn’t exactly screaming ‘I’m awesome!’ in a slow-pitch league, but at least I’m not flying out – and I finally started getting the ball out of the infield (I was topping every ball last game).  So, even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, it was still a fun game – made better by the fact that our other team also won in a 9-inning come-from-behind stunner.


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