In 2008, I pledge to…

Well, it took almost a month, but here they are – my future broken resolutions for the year (√ = a stretch goal)

  1. Workout: No, just once. Why start off by lying to myself?
  2. My Lifelist Goals:
    • Birds: 375 (currently 332)
    • Butterflies: 100 (curr. 76)
    • Dragonflies: 50 (curr. 38)
    • Damselflies: 25 (curr. 18)
    • Goal animals: birds – Redpoll, Burrowing Owl, N. Saw-whet Owl, any alcid; butterflies – Queen, Painted Lady
  3. Sell some of my graphic designs
  4. Update (finally)
  5. Update Fairweather Zealot (this blog – again, finally)
  6. Take a trip to CA, CO, FL or TX – visit relatives, and of course birding. Better yet, take TWO trips (√)
  7. Get my bike out and ride it regularly
  8. Sell a photograph or win a photo contest
  9. Read at least half of the 25 books I’ve bought over the last year-plus (but haven’t read)
  10. Read at least half of the 10 work-related books I’ve bought but haven’t read √
  11. Attend a UX conference
  12. Win more $ than I lose in poker
  13. Be a better husband
  14. Prioritize goals better
  15. Eat healthier – more veggies, less junk food and ordering out
  16. Have a smaller environmental footprint √
    • Limit myself to 10 minute showers every morning
    • Walk instead of driving to the train
    • Use 1 paper towel instead of two in the bathroom
    • Use a dish towel instead of paper towels to dry my hands in the kitchen
    • Buy and use re-usable grocery bags
    • Recycle more
    • Reduce the amount of trash we generate – buy products with less packaging, compost food, reuse more √
    • Throw out less food – do more with leftovers
    • Home improvements that will decrease our footprint – new windows, use the AC less, etc.)
  17. Spend more time on creative stuff (drawing, graphics, etc.)
  18. Take my wife dancing and to at least one concert/show
  19. Make at least $100 from my CafePress store
  20. Keep in touch with friends better
  21. Make sure I get all birthday cards and gifts out in time
  22. See a Philly or Penn State championship (and not in fencing) √
  23. Keep up with my professional mailing lists (IxDA, PANMA, etc.) √
  24. Complete at least a dozen projects around the house √
  25. Be more frugal with our money
    • Try to spend less than $10 a week on breakfast and lunch.
    • Bring in my lunch most days
    • Order out a lot less
    • Be better about returning things (too often we let stuff lay around until we can’t return it, sadly)
    • Build and reuse things instead of buying new, when we can √
  26. Okay, really – lose 10 pounds and be more active. Seriously. √

4 Responses to “In 2008, I pledge to…

  • I made some resolutions myself this year and losing 10 pounds is one of them too. We can do it.

  • Those are some great goals, although you’ve screwed yourself over since the first month of 2008 is already almost over, leaving you less time to complete them.

    I’m glad to see some photography, cycling and environmental things in there. And I really need to lose 10 pounds, too.

    About the bike … get the thing fixed! I bet if it’s sitting there ready to be ridden, you’ll be more inclined to ride.

  • Michael, I guess I’ll just have to pro-rate them, then, right? So, now I only need to lose 9 pounds!

  • Wonderful goals and looks like they are very reachable! Good luck and can’t wait to see how you end up doing at the end of the year!

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