@$%&♠ Tourists!!!

@$%&# Tourists!!!

How’s a guy supposed to get something good to eat with all of the paparazzi everywhere?

Seriously, thanks a ton to Greg7 for taking me to Reifel Bird Sanctuary and being such a great host in general). He was tireless in showing me around the town and the popular birding spots. In addition to Reifel, we checked out Iona Beach and a few other quick hitters to find some good birds. I had a great time seeing a bunch of new birds (including <span class=”species”>Barrow’s Goldeneye, Golden-crowned Sparrows</span> and several sub-species of birds I had only seen the eastern versions of. But the highlights were the great looks at these wonderful cranes:

King of the Sandhill

Here are a few other recently-posted shots from my November trip:
Big Bird's cousin? DEFINITELY a LESSER Scaup Chickadee-dee-dee, brah

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Recently, Flickr introduced a new set of tools – FlickrStats. It tells you who is looking at which pictures, total visitors, how people got to your images, etc. Well, I am proud to announce that I am currently the #1 result in Google Images for the term “Snake Porn” (well, unless you get unfiltered results). Ain’t that special?


6 Responses to “@$%&♠ Tourists!!!

  • wait, i think that’s a pipsquack bird!

  • I don’t know – put a top hat on them, and they could be the Dunking Bird.

  • Great shots … and I figured I should let you know that your RSS feed isn’t working; I’m guessing it’s the ampersand in your title for this post, although I’m not certain. I’ve seen WordPress have trouble with things like that before, in the RSS feeds. Blast!

  • Ah, I hadn’t thought about that when I posted it to my blog from Flickr… thanks for the heads up.

    And I’m surprised that no one commented on the “snake porn” ranking thing… I thought it was funny…

  • almost looks like heaven to me! hmm, not sure what I would be doing at that point! Probably using up my CF card! LOL

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