First Lifebird of 2008

First Lifebird of 2008

Horned Lark – female
Eremophila alpestris alpestris

With the beautiful weather we had here on Tuesday (almost 70 degrees F), my wife and I decided to play hooky and go birding. As we’re apt to do on nice days in January, we went to Barnegat Inlet and Forsythe NWR.

There weren’t a whole lot of new things to see at either, but Shari and I did both get a nice lifebird, courtesy of a small flock of horned larks in the sand by the concrete portion of the jetty at Barnegat.
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2 Responses to “First Lifebird of 2008

  • And here I thought a horned lark was a couple of drunken fraternity brothers asking a stripper for her phone number.

  • I can’t remember if I saw a Horned Lark last year, anyways . . . I always love seeing these guys! Glad you played Hookey!

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