Penn State Rolls

Chris and Karen This past weekend was being rolled out as one of the top weekends of Penn State football in years – in fact, they have been selling ‘Beat Notre Dame’ shirts since last spring. So, it was just a bit of a disappointment that Notre Dame wasn’t going to be the powerhouse that they were last year when they came to the House that JoePa Built this year. Still, from what I saw on TV, that crowd – the second largest in Penn State history – was still rarin’ to have a good time. And they did, bringing the White Out to Beaver Stadium for PSU’s 31-10 drubbing of Notre Dame (0-2).

As for myself, I had gotten a call from my friend Bake that a fraternity brother of ours (who happens to also be his brother-in-law) was having a small gathering for the game. I was psyched because it meant that a) I would get to see Bake, Gil, Malf and their respective wives again and b) I would have a more enthusiastic audience to watch it with than my wife, who still hasn’t quite caught the fever for PSU football. Hey – I’m trying here…

Bake and Sharon It was really good to see some of the guys again. I pledged with Bake and Gil, and actually roomed with Chris (aka Malf) for a semester. But lately, I just haven’t gotten out to see them nearly as often as I would have liked (especially since Bake only lives 20 minutes away). Regardless, we all had a good time sitting back and watching a pretty good game. I still think that Anthony Morelli is the second coming of Tony Sacca, but at least Austin Scott looked stronger.

And the defense is looking better every day. Over the last two games, they have allowed a total of negative3 yards rushing total (yes, that’s -3: -3 for FIU, 0 for Notre Dame). Add to that the following defensive stats:The Happy Couple

  • 13 sacks for 100 yards
  • 5 fumble recoveries
  • 1 interception
  • 2 blocked kicks

So, we all had a good time enjoying a variety of good beers (2 types of Chimay, Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, Left Hand Milk Stout, etc.) and talking about ‘the olden days’ and the upcoming game and tailgate at the Linc against the hapless Temple team. Of course, I shouldn’t get over-confident, I guess: I mean, Temple could be another Appalachian State.

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2 Responses to “Penn State Rolls

  • Both of our teams pounded the Irish the past two weeks, we rule.

  • This zest for athletics is foreign to me, having gone to Northwestern. We almost always lost, regardless of the sport or who we were playing.

    It’s not completely foreign, though, having grown up in (and returned to) the town where Indiana University is located. Athletics are a big deal here, and sometimes teams even do well!

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