Is it Friday Yet?

This has been another really long week … and it’s not even done yet. It looks like it’s going to be the second straight week that I’ve put in 65+ hours between my ‘real’ job and the side job that Van and I are working on (I knew that I shouldn’t have let my XHTML/CSS skills get rusty). Last week, I delivered 5 projects on Friday – including 2 that I had only 3 days to pound out (have to love those ‘need it yesterday’ jobs). This week has been more of a revamp and redo week – but still with some compressed deadlines which offer the opportunity to spend time at home AND away doing site maps, wire frames and usability models.

I’m actually hoping to finish up the side project by this weekend, so that I can start spending some time doing some of my own stuff and even relax a bit. In the meantime, I did doodle a bit – and spurned on in part by Bush’s confusing change of heart – and came up with this:

BUllSH*t design

It needs to be refined – I want to change the font and the work with the colors, but it has some potential.  I’m not sure if I like the “$” for the ‘S’, and I might want to substitute an asterisk for the i (to make it non-NSFW).  But we’ll see what I come up with.  Anyone else have ideas?


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