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I don’t know about you, but sometimes there is a certain tediousness to my job. Not in the designs, per se, but in the fact that I use the “Lorem Ipsum” text a LOT. If you’re not familiar, Lorem ipsum is a Latin ‘filler’ used to simulate text on designs but keep the reader from focusing on the content instead of the overall design. There are variations, but most start with something like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Phasellus risus sapien, pellentesque ac, pulvinar a, pulvinar ut, enim. Curabitur sodales nonummy purus. Integer nec leo. Ut euismod tristique pede. Maecenas porttitor eleifend enim. Nulla ultrices nisl vitae lacus. Ut ipsum orci, adipiscing non, vestibulum ac, cursus vel, ligula. Integer metus nunc, sodales tincidunt, ultrices id, mollis vitae, sapien. Donec ut nulla a leo blandit volutpat. Morbi eu nibh pellentesque magna malesuada tristique. Proin elementum odio quis nulla. Nam enim felis, dignissim tincidunt, luctus sit amet, condimentum id, turpis. Cras eu sapien sit amet massa eleifend tristique. Pellentesque nisi. Cras erat massa, bibendum vel, tincidunt et, mollis non, massa. Nulla facilisi. Mauris in nisl.

Anyway, I needed to do something to break from the norm, so I decided to create two new versions of it – at least for single paragraphs. Version 1 is a bastardized-Latin version of Robert Frost’s “A Road Less Traveled”, while Version II is a similarly hacked Latin version of the opening crawl of Star Wars (Episode IV, of course).

  • Version 1
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  • Version 2
    Is est a period of civilis bellum. Insurgo spaceships, offensio ex a occultus substructio have won suum primoris victoria obviam malum Galactic Empire. Per pugna , Insurgo spies curo ut rapio specialis intentio ut Illumnatis ultimatim telum, Astrum Letum, an loricatus tractus constituo per satis ops attero an universus plagiarius. Insequor per Microsoft’s sinister procurator, Procer Leia natio nationis domus aboard suus starship, custodia of pallium intentio ut can servo suus populus quod restituo licentia ut galaxy…

Complete Randomness

The other night I was going through some old folders trying to clean some stuff up when I came across a bunch of old writing, scribbles, pages torn from notebooks and the like. Most of it was incoherent drivel, but some of the ‘b-sides’ of the pages were interesting. Just a random sampling of my attempts to be a bad poet/writer.

Almost Good Poetry

“Life is unexpected,

it challenges us

delights us

saddens us.

But most of all it

enlightens us –

you only have to be open enough

to see what it’s teaching.”

Short and sweet:

“Nothing is beautiful until someone stops to admire it.”

And a personal (twisted) favorite:

“Two roads in a wood diverged,

And I – I said f@ck ’em

And burned the whole forest down.”

(think I was in a bad place around that time?)

Sometimes I miss writing – even writing Epinions was fun and at least let me write something. I guess I could put up more writing here, but … well, I really don’t have a good reason why I don’t. Maybe that’s something to think about…


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  • I haven’t done a straight design job in a few months, so I haven’t used my favorite lorem ipsum generators, but I always like hiding something in there that only I know about.

    I like the poem. Life does lots of things, well it does everything now doesn’t it?

  • I think you should write, Marty. I’d read it.

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