Jersey Birder Samples

Jersey Birder Samples

This has been one of my projects lately – a series of t-shirt designs for Jersey birders. This started out as a small idea I had when I was fooling around with some silhouettes and type, and gathered some steam as I did the doodles.

Each design is separate (obviously), and would be available on all of the colors shown (and 1 or two more). I’ve got a lot of others in the works, but I wanted to flesh this one out first. I’m hoping to have the designs up on CafePress in the next day or two, but would appreciate any feedback on the designs. I’ll put up others as they get done, and hopefully by tonight have some of them actually up to get shirts made.
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5 Responses to “Jersey Birder Samples

  • I love the wren and woodpecker ones best! Very cool!

  • these are great Marty, why not make a badge or chicklet out of them, if you want to make a blog ring of jersey birders, I can give you the blogitron code and use that for the badge.

  • Thanks, Tom and Van.

    Van – Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to manage something like that and there are quite a few similar things already out there. I’m just doing this for the capitalism and the birds (but not in a geeky way, of course).

  • Those will make some cool shirts. I though of you on my bike ride on Sunday, I saw lots of different birds and thought, “Too bad Marty’s not here, I bet he could tell me all about those.”

  • Take pictures – I’ll ID ’em for you.

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