I can’t wait until Wednesday

I really can’t.  I’m not doing anything special, but finally, the bullshit political ads will end.  I’m so sick of the pandering, the
smears, the lies and the attacks.  Living in a tri-state area (PA, NJ and DE), we get an extra dose of the crap all over the TV
and radio (and even phone calls), and I’m so sick to death of them all.  They all seem like crooks and crazies to me.

Locally, we’ve got a senatorial and a congressional candidate undergoing investigation, another race that features a scary zealot
with questionable practices and a guy I wouldn’t trust to pick up my garbage let alone want running a government office.  And
even the candidates that are “low-vision” have done little to tell me what they are FOR as much as what their opponents are
FOR and why I should hate them for it.

It seems like American will never again get any candidates you can vote for based on their own merit.  Instead, it’s a legislative
rattlesnake round-up that leaves you only hoping that you end up with the less venomous one.  While Rendell and Swann began
their campaigns with positive ads touting their strengths and accomplishments, it soon devolved – with Swann swinging the first
ugly stick – into the same ol’ mud-slinging, tattle-tale and innuendo party they all seem to be these days.

To be honest, they all seem up their their ears in lobbyist and special interest money that it’s no wonder that
legislation is so full of bullshit that rarely benefits the common man – and even when it does, it’s almost an aside to the riders,
easements and earmarks that shower special interests and personal goals.  When was the last time anyone can remember actually voting for someone they thought was a good candidate and not the lesser of two evils?And that’s if they’ve even taken the time to think at all, instead of following some ignorant, knee-jerk selection based soley on party-voting or a single white-button issue (“Well golly, his record is great, he’s got a great ethical stand, is respected by his peers, helps save abused animals and just created a cure for cancer in his spare time.  But I’ve got to vote against him because he believes allowing penguins to live together in sin.”).  Asshats.

So, the countdown begins … t-2 days ’til I vote, then a good sleep and it’s back to our regularly-scheduled commercial drivel.  And, hopefully, a marginally-better run government.


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  • Bill Clinton was the last candidate I felt good about voting for honestly. And in Georgia I voted for Sam Nunn once too.

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