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Well, it’s been a long two weeks – tons of different projects to work on both ‘officially’ and freelancing. Here’s a sampling:

A dosage calculator program that was used for ZLB Behring’s Humate-P website. The first thing was the JavaScript calculator itself, then a chart for those who didn’t have JavaScript enabled or wanted to see more at one time. I have also been working on redesigning several pharmaceutical sites, including an intranet and some tangent sites, and a holiday newsletter (I created the background imagery and animation).

Dosage Calculat0r Calculator Chart Pharm Intranet

Some other freelance projects that I just finished.

Mystique Global Direct Site

I have a few more things that I am still working on, but it’s been a LOT of work and variety of projects at once lately. And I still need to get going on 2006 work!

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  • jody eskin
    18 years ago

    Looking great Mart! Merry Chrismahannaquanzakuh!

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