The Wonderful Wizard of Walkin’ About

The Wonderful Wizard of Walkin' About

Well, my first true picture of 2006 – and I have to say I’m enjoying how it’s starting out. This Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) is a resident of John Heinz NWR.

We had seen a nesting pair in the spring, so I was saying to Shari “You know, Great Horned Owls don’t migrate, so they should still be around here somewhere.” Literally, three seconds later, I saw him/her sitting in a tree and ran over to get this shot. Unfortunately, I spooked him before Shari got one.

p.s. the title is a bastardization of a great song by the Guggenheim Grotto called “Wonderful Wizard”.


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  • that owl looks angry with me, next time you see him, tell him i’ll give him back the $5 i borrowed

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