Pets are Strange People

Twas an interesting weekend – two pets provided for a host of laughs. First, the dog, who discovered that bringing us things makes us happy – so we spent most of Sunday getting slippers, clothes, remotes and anything else that wasn’t tied down brought to us by a very happy puppy. He also discovered the joys of doing tricks outside. We want to eventually enter him into rallies (dog competitions which highlight skills and agility rather than plain looks), so we started giving him some easy tasks. The guy loves running through the ladder, crawling through the tube and jumping over the poles we set out. I can’t wait until he’s really ready to compete – or at least run through a true AKC course.Friday night, the cat provided the entertainment.

Miko, our tabby, is known for zany stunts: she’ll chase you for Whiskas treats, and has gotten her head stuck in a glass while trying to get to the beer. But Friday night was her coup de grace. When I’m washing up for bed, she’s been known to jump up to the sin to watch, usually via the toilet. This time, when she leapt up, she discovered that someone (namely, me) had accidentally left the seat up. With a startled look, she jumped up as normal, and into the bowl she went.


In an instant, she leapt straight up, a la Luke Skywalker jumping out of the carbon freezing chamber, shrieking in horror at this change in plans. As my wife looked on, she tore out of the bathroom, horrified by her little swim. Watching a small cat fall into the toilet was something that you never think you’ll see, but my wife and I were literally staggering with laughter (don’t worry, it was clean). The cat was not amused. Despite her “I’ll kill you while you sleep” look, we had to laugh. In retaliation, she did leave toilet water paw prints all over the comforter cover.

**Other Fun Stuff**
While out on the town in Philly the other night, we made a stop at New Delhi for some dinner (umm, Tikka Masala), then went out to The Artful Dodger for some drinks. We haven’t been there in quite a while, so it was fun to go back to an old haunt. While there, I discovered a wonderful invention.

Where can I order my lifetime supply of pee tags?

Now, what I want to know is … where can I get one of these for the remote control?


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