Well, it’s Friday and I can’t wait for the weekend. I spent all day yesterday and will spend all day today working on a 14-part presentation for a client we are trying to get to sign, and although it’s been fun, it’s a lot of work. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put up some of the creative later and get some feedback.It has been a good process – taking some initial ideas and working with a copywriter (new to our organization) and a project manager to develop themes and catch-phrases, concepts and designs. I have to say that I’m not used to having to spend as much time working my ideas through with other people – I usually develop a bunch, and go with the ones that the ‘client’ likes. Having two other people involved has been a growing experience – and a blow to my ego (can I help it if I still think I’m right on one or two of the designs they don’t like?). Then the client comes back with a completely different view than ANY of us expected. Of course, she’s nuts, but she IS the client. We’ll win her over, I’m sure…



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