And So It Begins

The Stare

2020 sucked. Pandemics, horrible wildfires, the political scene, the Kardashians. And my workload was so heavy that I rarely had time to do much, let alone go birding. I was lucky enough to get out a dozen times all year – including 3 times in December to finish the year with 205 species.

I turned 50, and my plan was to spend my 50th year doing a Big Year … or at least a Big(ish) Year based on the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to do a lot of explicitly birding trips. But then COVID happened and I’m adjusting again. I’m still doing it, but we’ll see what I can achieve without flying to many places. But I’m going for it.

11/1Canada Goose
21/1Blue Jay
31/1House Finch
41/1House Sparrow
51/1Mourning Dove
61/1European Starling
71/1Downy Woodpecker
81/1Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored)
91/1American Robin
101/1Carolina Wren
111/1White-breasted Nuthatch
121/1Tufted Titmouse
131/1White-throated Sparrow
141/1Carolina Chickadee
151/1Ring-billed Gull
171/1Domestic Mallard
181/1Song Sparrow
191/1American Crow
201/1Northern Cardinal
211/1Northern Mockingbird
221/1Double-crested Cormorant
231/1Red-bellied Woodpecker
241/1Great Blue Heron
251/1Great Black-backed Gull
261/1Herring Gull
271/1Red-breasted Nuthatch
291/1Belted Kingfisher
301/1Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)
311/1Pine Siskin
321/1Red-winged Blackbird
331/1Common Grackle

Let’s do this!

Trip List

  1. Day 1 at Home – January 1st (33 species)
  2. Cape May, NJ – January 2nd (85 species, 1 lifer)
  3. Manasquan Inlet, NJ – January 9th (20 species)
  4. Barnegat Light, NJ – January 16th (35 species)
  5. Kelly Drive + John Heinz NWR – January 31st (34 species, 1 lifer)
  6. Forsythe NWR – February 6th (47 species)
  7. Featherbed Lane WMA – February 12th (21 species)
  8. Featherbed Lane WMA, Red Bank Battlefield – February 15th (61 species)

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