And So It Begins

The Stare

2020 sucked. Pandemics, horrible wildfires, the political scene, the Kardashians. And my workload was so heavy that I rarely had time to do much, let alone go birding. I was lucky enough to get out a dozen times all year – including 3 times in December to finish the year with 205 species.

I turned 50, and my plan was to spend my 50th year doing a Big Year … or at least a Big(ish) Year based on the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to do a lot of explicitly birding trips. But then COVID happened and I’m adjusting again. I’m still doing it, but we’ll see what I can achieve without flying to many places. But I’m going for it.

This page will be for my full tally, against my goal of hitting 400 species for the year. Life birds will be in bold; NJ lifers will be in italics. Rarities will be noted with an * and an ABA Code in parentheses (if applicable)

11/1Canada Goose
21/1Blue Jay
31/1House Finch
41/1House Sparrow
51/1Mourning Dove
61/1European Starling
71/1Downy Woodpecker
81/1Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored)
91/1American Robin
101/1Carolina Wren
111/1White-breasted Nuthatch
121/1Tufted Titmouse
131/1White-throated Sparrow
141/1Carolina Chickadee
151/1Ring-billed Gull
171/1Domestic Mallard
181/1Song Sparrow
191/1American Crow
201/1Northern Cardinal
211/1Northern Mockingbird
221/1Double-crested Cormorant
231/1Red-bellied Woodpecker
241/1Great Blue Heron
251/1Great Black-backed Gull
261/1Herring Gull
271/1Red-breasted Nuthatch
291/1Belted Kingfisher
301/1Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)
311/1Pine Siskin
321/1Red-winged Blackbird
331/1Common Grackle
341/2Eastern Towhee
351/2Hermit Thrush
361/2Brown Thrasher
371/2Black Scoter
381/2Red-breasted Merganser
401/2Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)
411/2Great Egret
421/2Mute Swan
441/2Northern Shoveler
451/2American Black Duck
461/2Northern Pintail
471/2Green-winged Teal
481/2Blue-winged Teal
491/2Ring-necked Duck
501/2Greater Yellowlegs
511/2Hooded Merganser
521/2American Coot
541/2American Wigeon
551/2Red-throated Loon
561/2Nothern Gannet
571/2Purple Finch
581/2Fox Sparrow
591/2Red Crossbill*
601/2Turkey Vulture
611/2Evening Grosbeak*
621/2Snow Goose
631/2Rusty Blackbird
641/2Ruby-throated Hummingbird
651/2Cooper’s Hawk
661/2Brown-headed Cowbird
671/2American Goldfinch
681/2Red-tailed Hawk
691/2Tundra Swan
701/2Pied-billed Grebe
711/2Lesser Scaup
721/2Ruby-crowned Kinglet
741/2Red-shouldered Hawk
751/2Black Vulture
761/2Hairy Woodpecker
771/2Eastern Phoebe
781/2Gray Catbird
791/2Eastern Bluebird
801/2Field Sparrow
811/2Palm Warbler
821/2Long-tailed Duck
831/2Common Eider
841/2Purple Sandpiper
861/2Common Loon
871/2Wild Turkey
881/7Winter Wren
891/9Boat-tailed Grackle
901/9King Eider*
911/9Black-bellied Plover
921/10Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Let’s do this!

Trip List

  1. Cape May, NJ – January 2nd (85 species)
  2. Manasquan Inlet, NJ – January 9th (20 species)

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