Reason #1,001 to go to Vancouver in February

In addition to the obvious skiing thing, my boss Dante is going to be presenting at the Interaction ’09 conference next year.  It’s a cool subject (at least for our IA/UX geeks), and Vancouver + February means snow.  Now if I can just figure out a way to afford the trip…


3 Responses to “Reason #1,001 to go to Vancouver in February

  • Having to pay to see your boss speak at a convention seems awfully backwards. Maybe the company will spring for it?

  • yeah seriously, that’s crap

  • I wish – at $600 a pop plus airfare/hotel, it’s a little steep for them to pay for me to go. Hopefully, they’ll pay for HIM to go, since he’s a presenter. Unfortunately, as an industry, the IA-UX world is a little less well-funded than Google-like enterprises, and they aren’t paying for the speakers to come to the conference, so it’s up to the speakers themselves to do. At least, the sub-speakers that is: the big names probably get paid for since they are the draws to the conference in the first place.

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