Reason #1,264 Why My Wife’s a Saint

She’s taking FOUR pets to the vet today: 2 dogs and 2 cats. Among the things going on (oh, this is going to cost us):

  1. Check-ups and shots for all 4
  2. New puppy prozac for Miles
  3. Preventative antibiotics for our trip to the beach (the dogs got hot spots the last two years)
  4. Antiseptic spray and lotion in case of hot spots this year
  5. Checking a lump on Miles (not cancer, not cancer, NOT cancer…)
  6. Checking Miko (cat) for weight & hair loss and puking

I think I’ll pick her up a medal on the way home.


2 Responses to “Reason #1,264 Why My Wife’s a Saint

  • god bless ‘er. if your pups have a clean bill of health, we should get them together for a swim and some dragonfly photographery some time soon

  • Both Miles and Miko got clean bills of health – a fatty deposit for Miles and ‘who knows’ for Miko. We think she’s just bulimic.

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