Busy, Busy

Today are the softball tryouts for our company team – or should I say, teams. We had so many people last year that it was hard to get in the game and assure an at bat – and with more people in the company than last year, we were almost assured of a worse situation. So, we are putting TWO teams out there this year. Hopefully that will mean some increased playing time and more at bats this year.

On a slightly more somber note, I suspect the rate of heart attacks in the city of Philadelphia will increase over the next few weeks, if yesterday’s game was any indication. The Phillies offense did their job, but our bullpen … well, SUCKS. Announcer Larry Anderson had the gumption to say, “Well, the bullpen has been a concern all spring…”. SPRING? Of what – 2002? The bullpen has been the achilles heel, bum rib and sciatica of the team for the last half-dozen years, and they never do anything to solve it. Tom Gordon has the highest possible ERA in the majors (135.01, in case you’re counting) and Ryan Madsen isn’t much better. Brett Myers didn’t pitch horribly – nor did he pitch well – but it’s going to be a long season if he has to be used much. And what was Ruiz thinking throwing to third base when you’ve got 2 men on base, down by 2 in the 9th inning? That’s just bad baseball.

In other news, I worked more on the ZPC project and sent Van over some new files. I’m finally seeing this shaping up to be what I wanted it to be. Cleaning up stray pieces that look bad, adding some flair, etc. I have a little ways to go, but at least it’s acceptable now. Maybe I’m too anal … now, I’m a perfectionist. That’s it.


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