Today is the so-called “Super Tuesday” – only today it might be very apt. In all likelihood, it will probably determine the ‘man to beat’ in the Republican race; the Democratic race is more likely to be a closer split which will take longer to resolve. But regardless of which side you are on in this election, if you are in a state holding a primary today, make sure to get out and vote. This may be the most critical vote in my lifetime, and I’m sure as hell getting out there to have my voice heard. Too bad it isn’t a vote to impeach the current imbecile.

Regardless of which way you vote, you should watch this video. Love him or hate him, this is quite a great production.

Obama – Yes We Can


3 Responses to “Vote.

  • just no Romney, holy crap no Romney. He gets the nomination, there is just no telling what Dumbfuckistan will do this time.

  • I voted today! I am 1 of 27 in my town and only 1 of 5 in my party! How said your vote doesn’t count?

  • Van – I agree – I can’t see a Morman having a whole lot of common ground with the Muslim countries – of course, you could make the same argument against Hillary (radical Muslims may not deal with a woman).

    TomThat’s a small electorate… we have a bunch more, but unfortunately, my vote didn’t sway the results.

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