The Phillies Win the Pennant! The Phillies Win the Pennant!!

Philadelphia Phillies Logo Okay, not really. But for the 1st time since 1993, the Phillies are in the playoffs. They’re one of four teams to have more than 85 wins in each of the last 4 years (Atlanta, NY and Boston are the others), but they were the only ones to never make the playoffs in that span. Finally, the jinx is broken. More…And better, 3 of the last 4 times the Phillies made the playoffs, they went to the World Series*, so the odds are good that I will be shelling out a couple hundred bucks for nosebleeds here in late October.

It was a thrill to see them win it, especially after so many close-calls in the past. The Phillies really have played well overall for the past few years, but like so many Philly teams, they just couldn’t close the deal when it counted. But this year, they have played better than can be expected. In many ways, they remind me – and others – of the 1993 team. That was in many ways one of the greatest Phils teams because they weren’t overloaded with talent, but were enough of a TEAM that they ended up being more than the sum of their parts. This team has much more talent (including 4 viable candidates for MVP, with Utley and Rollins in the lead by a large margin), but they also exhibit that great team chemistry that can often lead to magical things. I certainly hope so, and I’m ready to go without a vacation next year to pay for the World Series tickets THIS year.

and the rest of the Sports Weekend

The Phils situation is enough to make me feel strongly positive – which is good because the rest of the weekend wasn’t nearly as good for me, sportswise:

  • – Penn State lost
  • – Eagles lost (badly)
  • – My fantasy team got CRUSHED
  • + Cowboys won

So, is the glass half-full or half-empty? Only time will tell but I know that the Cowboys are being picked as the team to beat in the NFC, which is cool. And like I said, the Phils have gone to the World Series the three of teh last four times that they have made the playoffs (not including that silly 1981-strike shortened season). So, there’s hope! Penn State is going to be hopeless with that moron Morelli at the helm, but since I can’t see most of the games because of the Big Ten Network (now available in hundreds of homes!!) maybe I won’t have to pull my hair out while watching them. So sad.

But did I mention the Phils? Go Fightins’!

* The only time they missed was 1981, aka Strike Year I. The Phils won the first half, the Expos the second half, and the Phillies lost to the Expos in the Division Series. The Expos went on to get beaten by the Dodgers, who went on to pummel the NY Yankees 4 games to 2.


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  • That Penn State game was a tough one, but not as bad as the Eagles pitiful performance.

    But I am so psyched the Phils finally made it. With so few teams making it into the playoffs in baseball, it really makes it special

  • And you have tickets you bastage!! Who do I have to bribe for them?

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