leap of faith

leap of faith

This is Jazz, our new super-kitten. She’s always pulling new stunts, like flying out the door when we try to let the dogs in, or climbing up into the drop ceiling or tormenting our older cat, Miko. Her latest penchant seems to involve torturing the fish. After trying from the top for a week or so, it seems that Jazz has found a new way to look at the fish – either that, or she really wants some sushi. Or as my wife put it on her Flickr account:

“After several months of trying to figure out why that bala shark had been (apparently) trying to commit suicide, I think I may have figured it out.”

She’s an odd one, that Jazz.


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  • My cats love torturing the bearded dragon. Their method of torture is to just sit on my son’s bed and stare at the lizard and think about how delicious he looks.

  • That is such a wonderful shot! I saw that on her photostream and had to visit your blog to see what you also had to say! Looks like she is going to keep you busy for a while! Poor Bala Shark!

  • That cracks me up!

    Sarah and I were accosted by a cat last night as we tried to carry in our groceries. It was cold outside, and the cat really wanted to come inside our apartment. It was tricky getting inside without letting the cat in.

    If I weren’t allergic to cats, I probably would’ve just let her in. Except given my allergy, she was trying to kill me, and I don’t let people who try to kill me into my home.

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