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I’m looking for full-time work again – my contract position has run out of design and usability work, and while I have a couple of projects to finish up, I’m looking for larger scale (and preferably permanent) work that includes benefits, an office, ample free time to be creative, an in-house racquetball court and lender Nikon D200’s. Anyone know of places hiring like that?

Speaking of the D200, I’m just a little jealous of my wife. She’s getting one – at least, she is once Nikon finally starts shipping them reliably. Unfortunately, it’s because of a major mishap we had on her birthday. While out taking some pictures, she slipped on some rocks and *BAM* – cracked her LCD, messed up the four-way controller and who knows what else on her Nikon D70. She was devastated, and after making sure she was okay (she’s banged up, but was more concerned about the camera), I felt horrible for her. We went home to find out that:

  1. the expensive warranty I bought from Best Buy was useless (if there’s visible damage, they won’t cover it)
  2. Repairs will run $250 – 500 and will take 4-6 weeks
  3. That my camera alone won’t cover two avid photographers

So, off we went to Calumet Camera in Philly to see what they had available. She just wanted the body, but they had no idea when those were going to come in. So, we went with the kit – a Nikon D200 plus the highly regarded Nikon VR 18-200mm lens. It will set us back a pretty penny, but at least we have it (for now… ugh).

But back to me — expect some actual updates on my site and on the Blueline Concepts pages. It’s due for a true overhaul, so I’m going to put some real time into it. In the meantime, send me offers!

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    […] She had broken her Nikon D70 on her birthday this year, and had gotten a new Nikon D200 to replace it.   The Nikon D200 is far superior to the D70 (not that the D70 is a bad camera), and I have to admit a bit of jealousy toward her having that mack-daddy piece of photographic marvel.   As a reward for my being so good about it over the months, she made sure that my photography continued to progress, as it was starting to be stymied a little by the limitations of the D70. […]

    15 years ago

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