We came, we saw, we foundered

Well, I have to admit that althought I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, I have been enjoying watching the Eagles over the last few years. You have to respect the way that they have been putting their team together – there are a lot of hard-working, personable, respectable players on that team. They players genuinely like to play for them, and seem to want to stay. I like Andy Reid and although I was dubious, I actually like Jeffrey Lurie. So, it was with great sorrow that I watched yesterday’s loss in the Super Bowl.

That being said, I have to question if the Eagles were ready to play yesterday. Brian Westbrook, Terrell Owens and Greg Lewis all looked great. But some of the play-calling was questionable, and I will never understand the clock-management in the 4th quarter. I think that they could have pulled this one off, but they crumbled. Call it first-time jitters but they choked. Well, hopefully they’ll make it back next year and do better the second time around.

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