PVP vs. Non Sequitor

I was reading one of my favorite web comics the other day – PVP Online – when the author mentioned that he was getting ripped pretty hard by one of the ‘biggies’ of the syndicated newspaper cartoonists (whom I also happen to like). It turns out that Wiley doesn’t like the fact that Scott Kurtz, author of PVP, is trying to change the status quo. Well, things are starting to get a little uglier and although Kurtz is obviously unhappy about what’s happening, others are starting to pick up the banner to support him.

What’s he trying to do? Well, he’s trying to prove that one doesn’t have to be a syndicated cartoonist to be successful, vis-a-vis a web cartoon CAN be successful and a worthwhile thing to have. The web can create a word of mouth a lot quicker than most papers, but the biggest part of it is that web cartoons don’t have to listen to editors (well, their own, maybe, but not some lackey at a syndicate). So, add it up – exposure + creative reign = success.

So, Kurtz went out there and offered his comic for FREE to any newspaper that wants it, provided that they fulfill two conditions – no editing the strips and they include the link to his online version. He figures that the newspapers gain a popular comic at no cost, and he gets increased exposure. Win-win, right?

Well, Wiley seems to think that this snot-nosed kid just doesn’t get it, and that his little ploy will hurt everybody. What does he really have to fear? Non Sequitor is one of the top comics out there – does he really think that PVP will cut into his income or audience. In the end, he ends up coming off very petty – but don’t take my word for it. Read a couple of articles that really tackle the issue.

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