iPod Me, Pt. II

Okay … I got it, finally. I got my iPod – have I mentioned how awesome my wife is? Okay, so she might have thought I was kidding about the whole TiVo thing, but I got my iPod, a beautiful watch and a good coat to wear to work instead of my L.L. Bean barn coat (which I thought was pretty stylish, myself). She spoiled me, and I spoiled her and we spoiled Blair. All in all a good Xmas.

I got a bunch of new music, some great new books (including a few that I hadn’t asked for – always a joy to find something that I didn’t even know about, let alone hint that I wanted. One of those was The World’s Most Dangerout Places by Robert Young Pelton. It seems pretty interesting from what I’ve thumbed through – conversations on diseases, crime and war zones that exist throughout the world, and explores why you should go there, and how to protect yourself if you do.

Unfortunately, my stepson was VERY ill all Xmas Eve and Xmas with the flu, and cut short most of the holiday festivities for everyone. Let me tell you – being sick over Xmas is not fun, and he was a trooper for being as up for the holiday as he was. He’s better now, and enjoying Everquest II, which looks like a fun game although I will probably never know, being too cheap to pay a second $14.99 a month to access their servers.

My wife, however, has been really enjoying her big gift – a Nikon D70 Digital Camera. She has barely put it down since getting it, which is a thrill to see since I was hoping that she would really like it. She was speechless when she received it, which I took as a good sign, but her enthusiasm has been an even greater reward. And she’s already getting very used to it and taking some fantastic pictures (I’ll try to get those up tonight). Of course, now I’m jealous ’cause I want to play with her camera but I guess I’ll have to wait a while…


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