It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas tree is up and decorated, the presents are bought (mostly) … yep, I think it’s Xmas! This weekend was nice – I got to go out and celebrate my birthday with a delicious dinner at Rangoon in Philly, followed by a visit to Fergie’s for a wee draft of beer (or five); I went out shopping on Saturday to nearly finish the Xmas shopping (only stocking stuffers left to get), and yesterday we picked out our tree. It’s funny how much getting the tree means to me in terms of being the official start of Xmas. Sure, I’ve been buying gifts for months, but until that tree is up and decorated, it’s just not full the holiday. We did it a lot earlier this year than the last two, which makes me happy…

Only a few more small gifts to get and then I can settle back with Xmas beers, fattening treats and retro Christmas specials (although I think the best ones are already over – who the heck schedules this stuff?).

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