Well, the Olympics are over

And I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I enjoyed most of the coverage, although it was too Americo-centric for me. There were a lot of good competitions that we never saw because the Americans weren’t involved. Would it have been so hard to show some of the Iraqi team’s great showing? And there was next to no baseball coverage because the Americans failed to qualify. On the flip side, I have to laugh at the men’s basketball team – I actually found myself wanting them to lose because of their arrogance and lack of team play. Once again, the prima donnas on the team show why Larry Brown could take a bunch of role players (for the most part) and win an NBA championship, yet stars can’t win. Why? Because they aren’t a TEAM. Iverson was the key evidence of this – before the loss in the qualifying round, he said (and yes, I’m paraphrasing) “Practice? We’re professional players here – we don’t need practice.” After, he had the balls to say, “Well, we haven’t worked enough together and we got beat”. Hmm, I think that is what teams practice for, Allen…I do have to say that I was impressed with what Athens put on for a show. The opening ceremonies were very well done (I skipped the closing ceremonies), and although I kind of had Greece in the back of my mind for destinations, it’s a lot higher on the list after seeing the scenic shots NBC showed. My wife, of course, has wanted to go there for years – now I’m on board with her.As a whole, I thought that the Olympics were a success. Sure, there were some ugly moments but overall I enjoyed the coverage – and we watched a lot of it. My favorites: women’s beach volleyball and the swimming events, although I got to catch a LOT of gymnastics that impressed me.


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