BotB 1: Loons

Best of the Birds I – Loons

The first category of birds in the guide is the LOONS.

Family: Gavidae
# of Species: 5
Species Seen / Photographed: 3 / 3

Loons are primary northern birds, with 4 of the 5 species spending the majority of their time in northern climates (Maine, Washington, Canada). For me, the majority of my loon sightings are at Barnegat Light, where I have seen quite a number of Common Loons and Red-throated Loons. Common loons are just what the name implies – the more commonly seen version, and the source of the famous loon call heard in many movies.

Only the Loonly

The red-throated loon is a less common visitor to Barnegat and a joy to see. They’re sleeker than the common loon, with a more bullet-like form.


I’ve also been fortunate to see a Pacific Loon in Monterey Bay, CA during my visit there last may.
Pacific or Common Loon?


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