Afterthoughts of IxDA10

Just a quick summary of things I saw, heard and learned at IxD10 in Savannah:

  • “Meaningful Interaction” is my new mantra
  • iPad = running joke
  • UX folk may be considered geeks by some, but they are just as highly friendly as they are intelligent … and can drink with the best of them
  • I got a bevy of good insights and observations from others in casual conversations – probably as many as from the sessions themselves.
  • Whitney Hess is the John Moschitta Jr. of Twitterers – she must have averaged 25 tweets per 40 minute session.
  • Dan Willis is a madman as a presenter.
  • No matter how well you pick your sessions, you’ll invariably miss at least one that you regret missing.
  • From Greg Vassallo, my regulatory issues are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.
  • “If a picture is worth 1,000 words, prototyping is worth even more” @gish
  • Sometimes it’s better to look UP from the phone when looking for a restaurant – it could be right in front of you.
  • “I you own the site map, you own the project” – @RussU
  • Even the biggest ‘celebs’ among us are remarkably approachable.
  • Finding time to bird while in Savannah was impossible; in the end, though, I didn’t miss it.
  • When working out for the first time in over a month, STRETCH.
  • No matter how much I learn, I’m consistently awed at what I don’t know (yet)
  • There ARE some pretty interesting applications of Augmented Reality; it’s not just about a layer of silliness over a user’s screen/background.
  • Southern hospitality is not a myth, and Southern cooking is as delicious as it is fattening
  • I wish I COULD build that Amusement Park device from the BRAINSTORMING AND DESIGN PRINCIPLES workshop
  • Annoying college students at the Hyatt
  • Nearly all the people with dSLRs were using Canon – is there a UX bias there that I’m not in on?
  • There IS life after midnight, and I was able to stay up to see it.
  • “So tired. Guess staying out to 3am last night was bad idea. Guess staying out to 3 am tonight is ALSO bad idea. I love bad ideas.” – @AdenaDeMonte
  • Those designs by the SCAD students at Gulfstream were very impressive – one has to wonder why some aren’t real products
  • No matter how well you leave things ‘back at the office’, you’ll still receive at least one call and/or email you need to respond to.
  • I think that 90% of my tweets happen during conferences. Or while birding.
  • The ability of IAs, UX and IxD folks to design to affect sustainability is far greater than I realized.
  • So, it appears my #ixd10 badge will be a case study for next year’s improvements: it’s broken, dropped in a puddle and singed.
  • Dante’s ability to fire me daily is unaffected by distance from the office
  • I missed Fat Tire a lot, and it’s everywhere in Savannah. Luckily, it’s also everywhere at next year’s venue, Boulder, CO
  • I’m determined to be involved in IxD11 – either as a planner, a speaker or both.

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  • this looks like a great conference, after reading your tweets and fb statii, i checked out the sessions and it looks like a better conference than FOWA (which I attended a couple years ago in Miami)

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