Scary Day

Yesterday was a scary day for Shari and I, especially her. I woke up a bit earlier than her, but was still struggling to get moving with all of the things that I had to do. She woke up with a bad headache, which she attributed to a combination of allergies and dehydration. She tried hydrating before she had to get ready to leave for a shoot, but it didn’t seem to be helping. She was upstairs when I heard her call me. When I got there, she said she was really not feeling well, and then she went to sit down. It took me a few seconds to realize that she hadn’t said anything since she sat and a few more to see that she wasn’t responding to me. I panicked when I realized she had passed out, and tried to revive her by patting her cheek. She seemed to come to, but was really out of it and was slurring – and then she was out again.

Now I was really scared. I managed to revive her again and get her conscious of what was going on although she still seemed dazed. I got her to three spare bedroom to lay down while I got some water and some clothes for her to head to the ER. But she was fighting me because she didn’t want to go to there, and she had an important photo season to do. I wasn’t having any of that and tried to call her clients for her, but I was determined to get her to the hospital. She was ago weak she couldn’t sit up or hold the cup herself, so I held her and gave her sips of water. I wanted to get her ready but was to afraid to leave her, so we sat there for a while as I tried to get some liquids into her.

As much as I pushed, she wouldn’t go to the hospital. I thought she needed an IV, she thought she needed Gatorade or something similar, but I was afraid to leave for long enough to go get any. But she wasn’t budging on the hospital, where she said that she would end up waiting for 3 hours to get an IV and spend all of that money, when she could just drink water and Gatorade. I let her know that people who lose consciousness usually get triaged higher than your average ER visitor (along with profuse bleeders and non-breathers), but she wouldn’t hear of it. Even after she was struggling with some cognitive functioning, she still wouldn’t go.

As it turns out, it took many hours but eventually she was able to function again. Her head was still pounding but she was ‘with it’, and could figure out what was going on and even eat some dinner. The doctor thinks it was severe dehydration coupled with exhaustion (she spent 10+ hours the day before shooting at Eastern State Penitentiary, and was a little dehydrated when she started), but we’re getting some tests anyway. I’m still worried about her – I have some pretty bad dehydration jags (dehydration leads to sinuses leads to migraine), but nothing like that. I still think she should have gone to the hospital, but sometimes there’s no arguing with her, especially since she HATES hospitals.

My Own Dumb Moment

When I thought she was well enough that I could leave her, I turned to get a few quick things done in the yard. First and foremost, I needed to rebuild the wheelbarrow, since I was going to need it to do a number of the other jobs (mulch, topsoil, putting out more of our ex-roof to the curb). The original part of the job was to replace a broken handle, but I found that both of the wedge pieces below the handle were rotted, too, so I went to cut some new ones. I was doing okay, but just as I moved my hand to steady the back of the wood, the saw kicked back and ran across my thumb. I was scared to look but since there were no body parts laying on the ground, I knew it couldn’t be too bad. Turns out that my quick release of the trigger resulted in one of the teeth on the blade embedding itself into my thumb at the base of the nail, and I quickly yanked it free. It didn’t look too bad at first — and then it started bleeding (as fingers tend to do).

The blade had dug all the way down almost to the side of my thumb and had broken the nail where it went it. It hurt like a bitch and bled like a stuck pig for a while, but I knew it wouldn’t require stitches (‘It’s merely a flesh wound!’), but I’m due to get a tetanus shot. I still finished cutting the wood (using the PROPER tools now), and got most of the wheelbarrow back together before the throbbing and renewed bleeding made me call it a day.

In retrospect, I’m pretty lucky – despite being ‘all thumbs’, I got to keep mine when it could have very easily been a much larger accident. Which would have especially sucked because I doubt Shari was in any condition to take ME to the hospital.

Movie Time

Watched two more movies this weekend, with mixed results.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (starstarstarstarstar) I thought that this was an excellent movie. Brad Pitt has always impressed me beyond his good-boy looks, and this was no exception. All around good story and nice performances by Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Taraji P. Henson.

The Happening (starstarstar) I actually liked Shamalyan’s other two panned movies (“Lady in the Water”, “The Village”) more than the critics, so I figured that I might like this one more, too – especially since they filmed part of it in front of my office. But alas, this one was tough to love. The story was a little far-fetched, but the worst part was that the acting seemed so dull and boring. Mark Wahlberg looks like he was dialing in the whole performance, and the rest of the cast wasn’t much better. So sad…


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  • pattybruno
    15 years ago

    Oh this is so terrible.
    Shari, like Al, can be stubborn it seems.
    I’m glad she is doing better. Please send her my best wishes.
    And don’t forget to remind her to DRINK!

  • I thought I left a comment here, but now I remember that my computer crashed just as I was about to click Submit.

    What a day for both of you! I’m glad Shari seems to be doing better. Is her dehydration just from not drinking enough water, or some other problem? No need to answer the question, just something to think about. It seems weird that she would get that dehydrated … you’d think she’d get really thirsty first!

    Be careful with those power tools. Yeesh.

    I haven’t seen either of those movies, although I want to see the Benjamin Button one. I didn’t like The Village at all, so based on that and your review, I’ll steer clear of The Happening.

  • OMG . . . Scary for sure!

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