The New Office

Well, it’s a week-plus since we moved to the new office in the center city, and I’m still getting used to it.  I was torn about leaving the old office, as I really liked the location (right on Rittenhouse Square); however, the interior needed some serious work, particularly after the move was finalized and they stopped putting more money toward maintenance.

On the plus side, at least everyone is in the same office now – no 20-minute walks between the offices for meetings.  It’s new and clean and we are going to have the ability to ‘customize’ it a bit once things settle down.  But I’m still not sure about the accomodations.  I liked my old desk because it was big and open, and I had a direct line to my boss when I had a question.  The new desk is smaller and a bit more cramped than I was used to.  But the big problem is that the ‘tubercules’ we sit in now are really isolated from each other.

The rest of the office has a more open style that allows everyone to see each other – although the low walls also means that it gets kind of noisy around there.

There are some things that need to be finalized in the place – I want to see more thorough recycling, and root beer in the soda machine would be nice.  But in the meantime, here are a couple more shots of the place.


3 Responses to “The New Office

  • looks sweet, dig the orange chair. orange promotes positive chi you know

  • That’s a pretty interesting workplace. I prefer privacy, so I’d like the isolated offices.

    What’s with the “Surgery” sign? I assume it’s not actually a surgery room, right?

  • @Van: No, I didn’t know that. My chi knowledge is sadly lacking, it seems.
    @Mike: It’s definitely interesting – still working out the kinks but it’s nice. As for the “Surgery” sign, since we do design for mostly medical-related companies, we had a LOT of medical references throughout the office including an old X-Ray display (backlit), various medical toys (take-apart heads, model hearts, etc.) and that surgery sign. All of the areas of the old office had nicknames like “The Pit”, “Pod 1” or “Surgery” – that was the sign for the Surgery area.

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