Something approaching normality

'Normal' image It’s been a busy year for me – lots of cool projects at work and a couple of side projects to boot. I’ve let much of what used to occupy my time fall by the wayside: I’ve read fewer books, spent less time blogging/reading blogs, FAR less time birding than I would like and in fact spent less time just ‘down’ than I have ever probably had in my life. And yet, strangely, I’m still mostly content – it says something that one can be this busy with fewer breaks and still like what I’m doing.

That said, I’m hoping that I’m coming down the home stretch for a bit. I’ve launched one of my two side projects (and finished most of what I need to do on the other one – or at least I hope I have…). We’ve launched 3 major projects recently (see below), as well as a number of smaller updates. And we’ve kicked off a double-handful of new work with ridiculously aggressive timelines that it seems like we’ve actgually managed to meet (or have at least done so for my part of it).

Recent Projects :: the new brand website which we tore apart and put together to increase its usability and user-appeal. It was especially fun because we were able to do 3 rounds of user studies to nail down what people really wanted.
AKC Pro :: A new tool for physicians to send their patients information about pediatric asthma and Pulmicort. :: An unbranded website dealing with bipolar disorder/bipolar depression.

Going Forward

So, another week or so of some intense work and then I hope to take some of the time I’ve accrued and saved up for a couple of extra days off. Shari’s going to be busy with a bunch of photography stuff for much of the week, but maybe I’ll get a chance to steal away to Forsythe NWR to see some waterfowl. AND I’m hoping to have some time to catch up on this blog, read the long-neglected blogs of others, catch up on some ia/ux-related articles and blogs, do some photography and basically relax.

And who knows, maybe start planning for a trip to the Orange Bowl in January?


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