Kendrick needs to be benched.

After last night’s game, it’s evident that the Phillies need to do to Kyle Kendrick what they did to Brett Myers – send him to the minors to get his shit together. In his last 6 starts, Kendrick’s line:

21.6IP, 29R/29ER (5HR), 16BB/8SO, a 1-4 record and a mind-boggling 12.08 ERA. Charlie – get this guy out of the rotation before he kills your chances at the playoffs!


2 Responses to “Kendrick needs to be benched.

  • i think he has a dead arm and by “dead arm” i mean when i watch him pitch… i want to rip his arm off and beat him with it until he is dead

  • LOL – yeah, that thought has come to me, too.

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