The Last Round?

Well, we have another softball game today – and since we already have 1 loss in the playoffs, it could be our LAST one unless we come up big. We’re playing the #1 seed, and while they didn’t kill us the last time we played, they weren’t exactly in dire straits to beat us. And coming off the 18-2 drubbing we took in game 1, our confidence is a bit shaky. As a team, we aren’t hitting very well and although we’re playing decently in the field, if you aren’t scoring runs, you aren’t going to win.

In game 1, I had a decent game – 2 for 3 with a double and knocking in one of our 2 runs. In the fields, I made some nice plays although I did miss a grounded that ended up costing 2 runs (although, in retrospect, they were inconsequential since we never even beat their 1st-inning run total). Hopefully we’ll end up stunning the top seed today, but if not we’ll at least have some beer to drown the sorrows.

  • How to be understood at ComicCon – funny, but I’m a little disturbed that there is both a Klingon Language Institute and an Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
  • The Process – What if there were no such thing as a stop sign, and a major corporation had to make one?

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  • can you catch? if so, please call Pat Gillick

  • I wish. I had more errors than Rick Schu – of course, I only play once a week… but at least I hit nearly .600.

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