Best laid plans … and then there’s my father

My sister, brother-in-law and nephew are all up in PA this week for my cousin Erin’s wedding, and for weeks I’ve been trying to figure out the schedule so that a) I could get to see them and b) we could take them for the ethnic dinners we promised when we visited in April (for some reason they can’t get good Indian or Thai out in rural Georgia – go figure). As the days grew closer to their arrival, I tried to get an idea of the schedule and worked with my father to figure out what would be the best days to go to the Franklin Institute and the Natural History museum across the street with Caleb who’s 2 1/2 going on 5. Two weeks ago, it was fairly set we would go on Friday. A week ago, it appeared it would be Monday. Last weekend it was back to Friday (aka today). Last night it was “probably tomorrow” (again, aka today).

This morning, it was 10:30 and they still hadn’t left the house. They were still going to see my grandfather, which meant that instead of meeting in Philly by noon, they wouldn’t be there until at least 1 or later. And we still had to go to the rehearsal party at my aunt’s tonight – leaving scant time for doing the Franklin Institute, let alone that AND the museum. My father is notoriously late and takes an hour to get ready for anything, so I’m a little frustrated. Why?

Because it’s frickin’ 12:30 already and they still haven’t started moving toward Philly yet. Suddenly, my ONE day with Caleb – a day I took off of work for – is becoming the ‘hi Caleb, bye Caleb’ event. At this point, Shari can’t even go because she has to go to the rehearsal dinner to take pictures.

I really wish people would get their frickin’ acts together sometimes.

Quite of the Day

“It’s not that I don’t enjoy getting involved in a great story, or caught up in an engaging article, but I have the attention span of a cat at dusk, cranked up on Shrimp Medley, during a massive bird migration.”
— from Coudal Partners


3 Responses to “Best laid plans … and then there’s my father

  • That sucks. Nephews are nice things; sorry your plans got messed up. I’m sure Shari’s photos will turn out beautifully!

  • aahh man. well chin up amigo

  • yeah, I was being a whiner. But it ended up being a fun time. That Pirates exhibit is definitely worth it for kids- at least kids of 8 or older, although Caleb enjoyed it, too.

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