The IA/UX Rogue Wave is Coming…

I wanted to get some more work done on my ID posts, but had to take a quick tangent for a couple of things. I’ve realized lately that I’ve really been getting behind on my reading of blogs in my industry, so I’ve been taking the opportunity to spend some catching up on some of my favorites including 456bereastreet and authentic boredom. It was on the latter site that I started a really cool article about creating a Highly Extensible CSS Interface. The article was great not only for its own content (which was valuable enough), but for the related links which clued me in on (further proving that I’ve been negligent in my reading). You’ll find those links at the bottom of the page.

I think working on the site made me realize how little design and coding had been doing – being rusty and struggling for ideas was a bit of an unpleasant surprise. Then going out into the blogosphere and learning a bunch of new developments that I hadn’t even heard about yet pushed it home further. I’m currently about 2,800 emails behind on the IxDA mailing list, and – at last count – 345 articles behind on my RSS feeds.

Shari will be away this weekend, and while I’m meeting up with my buddy Matt tonight for some beers and doing some early morning birding tomorrow, I think I’m going to do some work to get caught up on everything out there. Read my IxDA feeds, clear out the old posts on Netvibes and read the articles in my “To Read” folders. I could do with some IA/UX type stuff – and God knows that I need to get caught up on the happenings out in the world.


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  • I am not that far behind in my emails but my RSS feeds was in the 300’s after this weekends camping trip! Slowly catching up though!

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