Bush Administration, How Do I Hate Thee?

Let me count the ways… just from today’s paper, that is. It never ceases to amaze me how incompetent, corrupt and clueless this administration is.

  1. Bush is still president: That fact, bar none, is the most depressing.
  2. CIA destroys interrogation videotapes of prisoners being tortured – strange how who ordered it (or didn’t) changes daily. Read story »
  3. White House says recycling may have erased its e-mail:” or at least all of those that related to the false info leading up to the invasion of Iraq, the leaking of Victoria Plame’s name to the press and the above destruction of the CIA tapes. As the Church Lady would say, “How con-VEEEEN-ient…“. Read story »
  4. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates says suggests foreign troops helping fight Taliban ‘not up for the task’: We have 4 allies in this ‘war on terror’, and we just told them that they all suck. Good job, Robbie. Read story »
  5. U.S. exempts Navy from rules to protect whale: Despite the EPA telling them they can’t do it, a U.S. District Judge telling them they can’t do it, and science telling they shouldn’t do it, the Executive Branch gives them all the bird, and allows it anyway. Read story »

How many more months do we have to deal with this crap?


3 Responses to “Bush Administration, How Do I Hate Thee?

  • Twelve.

    Stupid politicians. I’m baffled by politicians who not only aren’t transparent but go out of their way to hide and destroy things. I wonder if they realize what that does to the trust of the American people?

    Also, whales are cool.

  • I hate politics so much. I say we hunt politicians for their blubber instead of whales. Much easier to harpoon.

  • Yes, but they smell more and make a bigger mess when you try to bring them in.

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