2007 Scorecard

Well, another year has past and we’re on the cusp of hitting 2008 in stride. And as usual, everyone will make resolutions about all of the things that they will do better in 2008 than they did in 2007. BUT, how did I do on the goals I set for THIS year? Let’s take a look:

  1. Stay on Schedule I’m going to do much better at keeping up on my commitments – working out 3x/week (a free membership around the corner helps), writing 3-4 blog entries a week and actually responding to emails in days, not weeks.
    » C- I did better about appointments, but working out was a total loss, I didn’t come close to 3-4 posts a week and my emailing was still atrocious.
  2. Complete what I started to continue… I’m going to finish the designs for my homepage, my blog and a few other creative projects I’ve had brewing. Luckily, more time at home means that I might actually get to them, too.
    » F LOL … oh, boy. Did this never happen…
  3. Get Outdoors I need to get out riding, hiking and camping (and maybe even go rock climbing). I miss the smell of the pine trees at night while hanging out around a fire.
    » D Did more hiking than I probably would have expected with my workload, but I never went camping and my bike never made it out of the garage. This is not looking good.
  4. Go on a stress-free vacation with my wife Lately, all of our trips have been either very local, or to college events, with hordes of family, etc. This one should be just us.
    » B Woo-hoo, something I actually managed to do (mostly). Our trip to Texas was great, and we even had a good time in Cape May even though she was sick for part of it. The family vacation was good, too, although I was out to lunch for a lot of it.
  5. Birdlist to 300 I want to up my bird list (267, currently) to get up to 300. Also, get my butterfly/moth list to 75 and my dragonfly list to 35 species. Yeah, I know – you’re amazed how much of a stud I am.
    » A- Birds – 335 species; Butterflies – 83 species; Dragonflies – TBD. Not too bad…
  6. Get back to Penn State It’s been one and a half years since I made it back, but I hope to make this year’s Summer Extravaganza poker tournament – and win, if I’m lucky.
    » B+ I made it to Penn State and had a great time, but I sucked at poker. Still, I’ll take that over not having gone back…
  7. Buy my wife a respectable 5th anniversary ring Lord knows that she deserves it. But then again, I’m sure she’d get more use out of a 500mm f/2.8 VR lens…
    » F She got neither… although she did get an unexpected 300mm f/2.8 VR lens and 1.4x teleconverter. Does that count?

Stretch Goals

I also put in some stretch goals that I wanted to achieve this year. As you can see, I didn’t exactly nail many of those, either:

  1. Win a $500 Poker Tournament I’ve done it once, and so far this year I’ve been doing pretty well. So, I hope to enter and win a higher-stakes poker tourney. Or place well-enough in a big one to equal that total. C’mon, c’mon daddy needs a nut flush draw…
    » D Well, seeing as how I only played in on real tourney all year, and I was the 8th person out (of 24), this might more of an incomplete than a failure, but…
  2. Trip to the Islands Bahamas, Costa Rica … or even Fiji. I just need to see the islands and the beach again.
    » D I didn’t get to any islands, but we did get to Texas and Cape May for some great vacations.
  3. Get a Photo Exhibit/Sale I have ’sold’ some pictures – donated, actually – to the Philadelphia Zoo, Calgary Zoo and a magazine. Now I want to either truly sell a photo – or have an exhibit of my work. It doesn’t matter where – just somewhere.
    » Incomplete No exhibits or shows at all. I did apply to a couple of contests, with one still up for grabs as to whether I place or not.
  4. Make $500 on my photos or other creative I’m not sure why that $500 keeps coming up, but it’s a nice, round number. Whether it’s from that photo sale, or the sales of my upcoming t-shirt designs.
    » F I made $0, nada, zilch from my stuff. However, I can say that I haven’t had the time to really try, either.
  5. Get Lasik Surgery I’ve had enough of contacts, particularly after the ridiculous episode with my last contact prescription (3 tries, still not right). So, with a discount from work + FSA money, I think this is the year to finally be able to see without the frickin’ things – or glasses.
    » Audit Never even started down that route with everything else that was going on. But it was a stretch goal.

So, overall my record wasn’t very good – overall, below a ‘C‘ for the year. I could make the excuses that I did well in other areas (worked hard, did a few side projects, improved my photography skills, got that high score on “Bejweled 2”), but the main things were a disappointment. I guess I either need to focus more on my goals … or make some easier goals for 2008.


4 Responses to “2007 Scorecard

  • you’re design you came up with for both the project we completed last year and the one we’re working on are beautiful bro, now i just need to get the backend working!

  • well, I need to update the front end, too. I’ll try to work on that tonight or tomorrow.

  • These are all great but I really do love your extended goals !

  • Wow, that’s a pretty harsh self-assessment. But I like how honest you were and the nearly quantitative approach you took to assessing how you did.

    This is why I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions 😉

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