Blast from the Past

Sometimes, you can go back again. I had my iPod on shuffle when Pink Floyd’s “Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts I – V)” (from Wish You Were Here) came on – I immediately switched from shuffle of all music to that album, and was treated to an amazing piece of music. There isn’t a bad track on this whole album – I had honestly forgotten how awesome it was, or at least attributed its awesomeness (awesomeosity?) to the haze that is youth and college.

Haven’t listened in a while? Grab your headphones, turn the office lights a tad lower and tell the cubby police to go to hell, you’ve got work to do with this spectacle reverberating between your ears.

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  • 100% agree. I recently put on Dark Side of the Moon and just drank it in. Floyd made some amazing music and they truly understood how to make a complete album (or double album in some cases)

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