I, Juror

Today I did my first jury duty – well, at least I reported for it. I didn’t end up getting called to serve on any juries, just sat around for 4 hours and then received my certificate for being a good boy and sent home. Or work, in my case. So, I got paid to read my book and do crossword puzzles, which wasn’t so bad.

I’ve been remarkably lucky with jury duty up until now – I always seemed to get the summons just after I moved out of the state. It happened when I moved to Colorado (I got my PA summons about a year after I left), when I left Colorado (missed it by about 3 months) and when I moved in with my wife in NJ (about 2 months after I moved, my DE summons showed up). Finally, they caught me still in the same state.

It wasn’t bad overall. I did discover that EVERYONE is bored with sitting around and waiting for their call, that some people can sleep anywhere (and snore while do it), and that they really need to get a jury instructions video that has been updated since Reagan was in office. So, I didn’t get to sentence anyone to be burned at the stake, but I worked in a little Christopher Moore fix – a good day.


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  • I also have been called for Jury duty once before and same thing happened to me, I was released for sitting around for 4 hours! Now days, I would just try to find a way to blog for hours at a time! I wonder if we were selected if we would be allowed to bring a laptop? I really could get some good post done in between all that time they waste!

  • They wouldn’t allow laptops in the actual waiting room (I don’t think), but they were allowed in the cafeteria outside.

  • I actually got to sit on a jury when I lived in Atlanta. I thought it was really cool, except that the “jury of my peers” was not filled with any rocket scientists at all.which explains bush’s election and re-election

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