2006 is dead, long live 2007!

Well, last year was a long one – so many changes have happened that it’s hard to look back and remember them now. But the highlights (and lowlights):

  • I switched jobs – twice. First, I went from being a consultant to a full-timer at GSI Commerce for 9 months. And in the last month of the year, I started another new position at Medical Broadcasting Company in Philadelphia – a promotion, more money and a (thankfully) much shorter commute into the city.
  • My wife went through 9 months of recovery from Lyme Disease and the resulting complications. She’s better now, but it’s been a tough year – and looks like she’s recovered again.
  • Our menagerie of pets went from 3 crazy pets to 4 crazy and broken pets after we added our new cat, Jazz.
  • My nephew – my sister’s first – turned 1, and is bright, cheerful and as hyperactive as I was when I was his age. Oh, she’s paying now for all of those mean things she did to me…
  • Penn State had another good season (9-4), and won their bowl game against Tennessee. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go up to my alma mater this year.
  • I finally got a little better at poker. After winning a tournament two years ago, I had a string of bad luck – and bad playing. This year, I didn’t get to play as often as I’d liked, but I was managing to win quite a few months – $40 stakes paying off $110, 125 and $160 on different occasions.
  • I donated a bunch of images to the Philadelphia Zoo (which they’ve used on signage and mailings), the Calgary Zoo (this image will be used by the Calgary Zoo for a zoo + promotional materials) and a CPAWS magazine article. Not too bad – now I just need to sell some.
  • My birding life list crept over 250 this year, from about a little over 200 a year ago. I also got into butterflies (and moths) and dragonflies this year, getting my lists for those up to over 50/25, respectively. And we’re planning a trip to Texas in a couple of months, so I hope to be adding a lot of new stuff to my record – AND my photo lifelist.
  • My photography improved – in part because of my new Nikon D200 camera and Nikon VR 80-400mm f/5.6 lens. Among my best shots for the year:
    I'm Ready for My Close-Up, Now Blue in Green Very Cool, Despite the Name* Look into my eyes...
    Raptor* Catbird in the Mist American Lady (Could Be a Dude) Catch the Rainbow
    Not even a posing fee Stare of a Predator Being Coy Artsy Marty
    All the other jays think I'm nuts Glory is a Sunbeam

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  • Your photography is amazing and it isn’t the d200 its the amazing eye you have! I didn’t know anything about your wife with Lime Disease and glad she is better! Might 2007 bring much better birds to photograph for me to crazy over your amazing pictures!

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